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Magazine articles on illnesses, injuries, currently available treatments, drugs, and homeopathy.
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October 2007
Sarah Clachar
Read this BEFORE you get a flu shot The flu vaccine may not be as good -- or as safe -- as you think. mark for My Articles 507 similar articles
October 22, 2007
Lauren Young
Advocates Who Help You Negotiate Health Care In 2008, more than 3,000 employers will offer employees free access to an independent health advocate. mark for My Articles 75 similar articles
Science News
October 13, 2007
Janet Raloff
Food for Thought: Diminishing Obesity's Risks Mouse data suggest that, properly managed, obesity can be benign. mark for My Articles 397 similar articles
October 2007
Katherine Mangu-Ward
Chinese Cha Cha Thanks to Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's, The Guardian reports, Chinese waistlines "have expanded almost as fast as the Chinese economy." The solution? Mandatory dance lessons. mark for My Articles 103 similar articles
PC Magazine
September 26, 2007
Tracy McNamara
Doctors Without Wires New wireless technology could help improve health care and cut medical bills. mark for My Articles 46 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
October 2007
Willie D. Jones
Helmets Sense The Hard Knocks A new wireless device will let coaches pull football players before they suffer brain damage. mark for My Articles 49 similar articles
September 25, 2007
Three Smart Things You Should Know About Bacteria The benefits of bacteria. mark for My Articles 173 similar articles
Kristen Armstrong
Insomnia Causes And Treatments Insomnia can wreak havoc on a person's life. Sufferers can try meditation, exercise or relaxation methods to alleviate symptoms and enjoy long, restful sleep on a nightly basis. mark for My Articles 258 similar articles
September 2007
Jennifer Acosta Scott
Can Medicine Make You Fat? In a word, yes. Here's what to do when the drugs you need also put on the pounds. mark for My Articles 154 similar articles
September 2007
Are Drugs Sabotaging Your Diet? Anybody who gains five pounds in a month of taking a new medication should see their doctor immediately. mark for My Articles 100 similar articles
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