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Magazine articles on illnesses, injuries, currently available treatments, drugs, and homeopathy.
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August 2008
Patrick Di Justo
What's Inside: Stomach-Bubble-Bursting Mylanta Classic A look at the ingredients in Mylanta stomach soother. mark for My Articles
July 21, 2008
Three Smart Things About Sunburn Early hominids may have developed a sensitivity to UV rays for the good of the species. mark for My Articles 62 similar articles
Scientific American
August 2008
Emily Harrison
Unlikely Victims of Banning CFCs--Asthma Sufferers New CFC-free inhalers cost three times more than their CFC counterparts. mark for My Articles 24 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
August 2008
Glenn Harlan Reynolds
As Diseases Make Comeback, Why Aren't All Kids Vaccinated? The measles, whooping cough and even polio have returned. Why? Because of a new breed of vaccine deniers who are ignoring campaigns for awareness, and ultimately might live shorter lives. mark for My Articles 132 similar articles
Joshua Levine
Natural Alternatives To Viagra Is there an alternative to Viagra, something more "natural" like an herb or supplement? Several interesting supplements have recently come to light and may provide benefits within days to weeks. mark for My Articles 53 similar articles
July 2008
Ronald Bailey
Needling Vaccines A federal vaccine court rules that the preponderance of the evidence suggested that a 9-year-old girl's autism was caused by her childhood vaccinations. mark for My Articles 94 similar articles
Psychology Today
May/Jun 2008
Pamela Weintraub
Lyme Disease: The Great Imitator Lyme disease can masquerade as a host of psychiatric ills, confounding doctors and driving patients to question their very sanity. mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
Ross Bonander
4 Steps: Set Your Internal Clock Every so often we need to tweak our internal mechanism a bit. mark for My Articles 87 similar articles
Jacob Franek
Parasitic Worms Who knew that parasitic worms were so common? Take the necessary precautions outlined here, and you'll most certainly be living worm-free. mark for My Articles 40 similar articles
June 23, 2008
David Cheung
15th Anniversary: Cochlear Transplant Patient on Hearing in 121 Channels In a search for better hearing, cochlear transplant recipient is now able to hear in stereo. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
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