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Magazine articles on illnesses, injuries, currently available treatments, drugs, and homeopathy.
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Information Today
February 12, 2015
Google Puts Medical Information Front and Center Google announced that it is now prominently offering health information in its search results, including typical symptoms and treatments for the searched condition. mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
Chemistry World
February 3, 2015
Sanjay Kumar
India's chemistry challenges While India is yet to catch up with the global cutting edge technologies, some of its interventions have made global headlines. mark for My Articles 204 similar articles
Fast Company
Neal Ungerleider
On "Instagrams For Doctors," Gross-Out Photos With A Dose Of Privacy Concerns Figure 1, a small company based in Toronto, attracted Union Square's attention by creating a social network that allows doctors, nurses, EMTs, and other medical professionals to share medical images. mark for My Articles 80 similar articles
Chemistry World
February 6, 2015
Anthony King
Review plots path to face down antimicrobial resistance deaths The second installment of a UK government review on antimicrobial resistance has called for governments around the world to focus on 'easy wins' in the fight against microbial resistance. mark for My Articles 98 similar articles
David Alm
Why Arguments Against Vaccination Are Wrong Christie and Paul say the issue comes down to personal choice, but whose choice are they protecting? mark for My Articles 55 similar articles
Christopher Asandra
Testosterone Truths A new review of low-T studies published in this month's Mayo Clinic Proceedings found claims that testosterone may increase cardiovascular risks to be exaggerated at best. mark for My Articles 24 similar articles
Chemistry World
January 30, 2015
Rebecca Trager
Billion dollar package unveiled to fight antibiotic resistance President Obama has made a huge investment in the fight against antibiotic resistant bacteria mark for My Articles 180 similar articles
Chemistry World
January 30, 2015
Rebecca Trager
Myriad calls a ceasefire in court battle over cancer gene tests Myriad Genetics has ended its bid to prevent other companies from producing tests for genetic mutations associated with an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer that it owned patents on. mark for My Articles 201 similar articles
Fast Company
Peter Andrey Smith
Meet Dr. Armpit, Changing Body Odor With Bacteria "Everybody now gets rid of their bacteria in order to prevent odor," he told me, "but maybe the solution all along is just to have bacteria there -- good bacteria." mark for My Articles 23 similar articles
Chemistry World
January 29, 2015
Matthew Gunther
Ebola vaccine shown to be safe in humans GlaxoSmithKline's experimental Ebola vaccine is capable of triggering an immune response in humans, according to a new study. mark for My Articles 214 similar articles
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