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Magazine articles on cooking, food, wine, and restaurants.
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Seasoned Cooking
December 2006
Ronda L. Carnicelli
Peppermint Hot Cocoa Most people don't think of beverages as proper desserts, but this rich hot cocoa is really exactly that. mark for My Articles 304 similar articles
The Motley Fool
November 29, 2006
Rick Aristotle Munarriz
Arby's Gets Lean The fast food chain cleans up the trans-fat content of its signature fries. It's good to know that the fast-food industry is making the right decision, even when its patrons are making the wrong ones. mark for My Articles 185 similar articles
November 28, 2006
Out of Africa Khaya Cookie Company sends delicious brownies straight from their bakeries throughout Cape Town. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
December 2006
Chocolate Bread Pudding With Caramel Sauce Nutritional Comparison: Before, 1,066 calories -- After, 343 calories. Recipe follows. mark for My Articles 973 similar articles
December 2006
Easy Cheesecake Squares Nutritional Comparison: Before, 117 calories -- After, 97 calories. Recipe follows. mark for My Articles 666 similar articles
December 2006
Kiss Cookies Nutritional Comparison: Before, 141 calories -- After, 109 calories. Recipe follows. mark for My Articles 724 similar articles
December 2006
Carrot Cake Nutritional Comparison: Before, 561 calories -- After, 270 calories. Recipe follows. mark for My Articles 808 similar articles
Science News
November 25, 2006
Janet Raloff
Birds Don't Have to Be So Hot The U.S. Department of Agriculture revised downward, by 15 F, the internal temperature that a cooked turkey must reach in order to be safe to eat. Whether consumers find the meat palatable or rubbery at 165 F is another issue. mark for My Articles 94 similar articles
Michael Miller
Fine Living: Overlooked Wine Varietals There are numerous less popular varietals that should not be ignored. mark for My Articles 338 similar articles
December 4, 2006
Robert Parker
A Reason To Veer Off The Chianti Trail The Falesco Winery makes expensive wines, but some of its lower-cost cuvees offer unbelievable value. mark for My Articles 239 similar articles
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