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Magazine articles on housing, furniture, appliances, renovation, and woodworking.
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This Old House
Max Alexander
The Cleaner Cleanup How to responsibly rid your house of three major health and environmental hazards -- asbestos, lead, and mold. mark for My Articles 75 similar articles
This Old House A Stylish Clay Finish That You Can Apply This natural earthen plaster looks good, offers no trowel trouble, and can mimic styles from silky Venetian to pebbly Provencal. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
This Old House Forever Green Five traditional building products boast eco-friendly qualities. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
This Old House
Amy R. Hughes
Recycling Katrina's Ruins One of the Gulf Coast's hardest-hit communities deconstructs a battered 18th-century cottage to help rebuild others with its antique bricks and beams mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
November 2006
Jim Gorman
Home Invaders What to do when nature invades your house. mark for My Articles 19 similar articles
Seasoned Cooking
November 2006
Karen Fritscher-Porter
Get Organized for Thanksgiving Depending on your plans and how you celebrate the holiday, you may want to start getting organized for Thanksgiving no later than the first week of November. Here are a few tips to get organized for Thanksgiving. mark for My Articles 129 similar articles
The Motley Fool
October 28, 2006
Elizabeth Brokamp
Save Big on Your Heating Bill Winterize your home to stay warm while saving money. mark for My Articles 118 similar articles
This Old House
Jennifer Egan
The Ghost in the Renovation The acclaimed author of The Keep, which tells the story of the renovation of a "haunted" castle, delves into the gothic dimensions of home improvement. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
This Old House Got Ghosts? If so, this real-life ghost buster has some advice on what you'll need to do to send them on their way to the sweet hereafter. mark for My Articles 19 similar articles
This Old House
Merle Henkenius
Fixing a Squeaky Floor Squeaky floors driving you crazy? These easy, surefire fixes will quiet noisy hardwood and carpeted floors. mark for My Articles 77 similar articles
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