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Magazine articles on marriage and relationships.
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Psychology Today
Nov/Dec 2008
Rebecca Webber
In Sickness and In Health Before you say, "I do," scrutinize your lover's drinking habits. Or eating patterns. Your choice of romantic partner helps determine how healthy - -or how sick -- you'll be. mark for My Articles 99 similar articles
December 31, 2008
Carey Roberts
The Winner of the 2008 Award for Political Incorrectness Dr. Murray Straus' research has shown that women commit as much partner violence as men. mark for My Articles 149 similar articles
October 16, 2008
Louise Sloan
Birth Control Is Safer Than Ever (and Sometimes It's Even Good for You) Times have changed since women going on birth control risked the pelvic infections of the Dalkon Shield or hormones dosed perilously high. mark for My Articles 61 similar articles
Jasper Anson
How To: Navigate Nightclubs Successfully With a few basic ground rules, you can minimize your bad nights and make the most of your good nights. mark for My Articles 19 similar articles
September 23, 2008
Carey Roberts
SafeNet Shelter Director Ordered to Stay Away from Kids What happens when an abuse shelter engages in conduct that is so unethical and bizarre that the public almost can't believe the magnitude of the travesty? mark for My Articles 22 similar articles
September 3, 2008
Love (and Karaoke) Will Keep Us Together The karaoke game re-created the feeling of falling in love all over again. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
Kevin Young
How To: Get Married In Vegas Avoid the trappings of a traditional wedding and elope in Las Vegas. Here's how. mark for My Articles 155 similar articles
August 12, 2008
Carey Roberts
Who Killed Millie Almore at the SafeSpace Shelter? On October 21, 2007 Milaus Almore, eight weeks pregnant, sought refuge at the SafeSpace abuse shelter. mark for My Articles 42 similar articles
August 8, 2008
Teri Stoddard
Equal Custody And VAWA Regarding custody, the Violence Against Women Act is unconstitutional and full of misandry. mark for My Articles 242 similar articles
Ross Bonander
How To: Be A Best Man Your buddy has just asked you to be his best man, his "go-to" guy on one of the biggest days of his life. This is huge, so take it seriously, live the role and he'll never be able to thank you enough. mark for My Articles 36 similar articles
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