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Magazine articles on broadband service and applications, DSL, cable modem, VoIP and video-on-demand.
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PC World
August 24, 2006
Jeff Bertolucci
The Best Broadband ISPs in America Both cable and DSL connections are getting faster and cheaper, but you may not have the best one. To find out how your ISP rates, see what customers say about their providers. mark for My Articles 1095 similar articles
August 30, 2006
Michael Hickins
Verizon Hears You Now, Drops DSL Charge Verizon drops a controversial surcharge, shaving $1.20 to $2.70 off the cost of its DSL plan. mark for My Articles 752 similar articles
August 30, 2006
Roy Mark
Online in European Air European low fare airline Ryanair to offer cell phone, broadband service by late next year. mark for My Articles 425 similar articles
August 29, 2006
Roy Mark
FCC on Verizon's DSL Fee Case The Federal Communications Commission wants some answers from Verizon about a new fee it imposed on its DSL customers. mark for My Articles 979 similar articles
PC Magazine
August 16, 2006
Bill Machrone
Souped-Up Skyping PowerGramo Pro will record your one-on-one VoIP conversations in stereo, with you on one channel and your caller on the other. mark for My Articles 131 similar articles
PC Magazine
August 2, 2006
John Brandon
Find the Fastest ISP More than 10,000 readers downloaded our utility and hit the Web's most popular sites over a million times to help find the fastest ISP for you. mark for My Articles 436 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
August 2006
Joel Johnson
Tech Clinic Several companies, such as WildBlue, StarBand and HughesNet, sell satellite broadband, offering two-way service with no need for an open phone line. mark for My Articles 230 similar articles
The Motley Fool
July 31, 2006
Tim Beyers
Can VoIP Save You a Bundle? By now, you've probably heard of VoIP. It's arguably the cheapest way to call anyone anywhere, thanks to the vast infrastructure of the Internet. But is it for you or your business? mark for My Articles 814 similar articles
PC Magazine
July 12, 2006
Dave Mathews
Your Virtual Assistant Small businesses can't afford the same equipment as big ones, or as many employees, for that matter. If money's too tight to mention, read how Asterisk and an old PC can run your phone system and manage your office. mark for My Articles 198 similar articles
July 7, 2006
Ted Wallingford
WengoPhone Firefox extension 0.68 The newest beta version of WengoPhone Firefox Extension lets you tap into the world of VoIP calling from within Firefox. It is the first and only browser-based VoIP product for the Mac. mark for My Articles 259 similar articles
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