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Magazine articles on conducting business on the internet, customer service, fulfillment, digital currency, legal issues.
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July 2000 and Beyond We interrupt this issue to remind you that the Internet is big. Catching up with Jeff Bezos on, Oprah, and why it's still Day One... mark for My Articles 211 similar articles
August 2000
David Sheff
Crank It Up Marc Andreessen and his dream team at Loudcloud are building the Web's next power play: custom-designed, infinitely scalable sites that blast off a virtual assembly line. mark for My Articles 85 similar articles
July 11, 2000
Katharine Mieszkowski
E-Survivor! How about a reality TV show in which dot-commers vie for funding? mark for My Articles
Information Today
August 2000 Launches PATEX, an Internet intellectual-property portal, has announced the launch of PATEX, a new Internet exchange for the licensing of patents and technologies. mark for My Articles 200 similar articles
July 1, 2000
Jill Andresky Fraser
Do I Need to Plan Differently for a Dot-Com Business? Inc.query mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
July 1, 2000
Alessandra Bianchi
Upstarts: Online Learning E is for E-school: Move over, B2B and C2C, and make room for the next online business du jour: the ABCs. mark for My Articles 73 similar articles
June 29, 2000
Diane Seo
Amazon Agonistes With its stock down 66 percent, is still worth the trouble? mark for My Articles 828 similar articles
June 26, 2000
Damien Cave
Easy coder Martin Tobias' film about a cross-country Harley ride prompted another journey -- into multimedia encoding. mark for My Articles 52 similar articles
Fast Company
July 2000
Gina Imperato
This Job Adds Up How Inktomi makes finance fast. mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
June 15, 2000
Jill Hecht Maxwell
Almost Free E-commerce CEO's Start-Up Toolkit: E-commerce mark for My Articles 14 similar articles
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