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Magazine articles on marketing on the internet.
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May 27, 2015
Anne Field
#SocialMediaSavvy Bob Stone, co-founder of Telemus Capital in Southfield, Mich., runs a thriving practice with about $2 billion in assets. His quandary is what to do about social media. mark for My Articles 351 similar articles
May 22, 2015
Leonard Klie
Kahuna Releases Dynamic Audiences for Facebook Advertising Dynamic Audiences understands customer conversion, so brands don't advertise products to people who have already bought them. mark for My Articles 579 similar articles
Fast Company
Neal Ungerleider
What's That In My Feed? Instagram Will Have More Ads Soon The next time you use Instagram, expect to see more ads. Those ads will be targeted to what's in your feed and will allow you to open websites and download apps within Instagram. mark for My Articles 313 similar articles
Fast Company
Neal Ungerleider
Uber Updates Privacy Policies Ridesharing giant Uber has just revised its privacy policy to track riders' locations even when the app is not being used, and to send promotional discounts to friends and family members. mark for My Articles 80 similar articles
June 2015
Oren Smilansky
Nielsen Will Rate Internet-Streamed Shows Efforts are under way to calculate viewership as interest continues to shift away from cable TV mark for My Articles 80 similar articles
Fast Company
Rose Pastore
This Is Yahoo's Preposterous Excuse For Spying On Emails A judge in California has ruled that Yahoo can face a class-action lawsuit for allegedly analyzing the content of emails in order to create targeted advertising. mark for My Articles 1129 similar articles
Fast Company
Nikita Richardson
Restaurant Reviews Now Appear In Facebook Search Facebook has announced that, starting today, users will be able to view restaurant reviews from reputable sites when searching for eateries throughout the U.S. mark for My Articles 535 similar articles
Fast Company
Rose Pastore
U.K. Watchdog Says YouTube Viewers Must Know A Video Is Sponsored Before They Click A U.K. advertising watchdog on Wednesday banned a makeup tutorial video on YouTube because it was not clear enough that Max Factor, a makeup brand owned by Procter & Gamble, had sponsored the content. mark for My Articles 205 similar articles
May 11, 2015
Maria Minsker
Percolate, Spredfast, and Sprinklr Are the Top Social Relationship Platforms, Forrester Finds Most social relationship management platforms lack content recommendation and performance measurement capabilities. mark for My Articles 71 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
May 18, 2015
Dina Gerdeman
Advertisers Get Serious About Playing With Their Brands In social media marketing, companies often try to engage consumers with a playful approach. But play is serious business that can backfire if not done correctly. mark for My Articles 12 similar articles
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