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Magazine articles on portals and online communities and entertainment.
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August 2010
Jennifer Wang
10 Essential Tweets-August Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr, share her top ten Tweets. mark for My Articles 100 similar articles
August 2010
Jason Ankeny
The Likes of You GetGlue recommends movies, music and books based on what already floats your boat. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
July 20, 2010
Yahoo Scores High Profits As Sales Fall Short As the company builds around a portal strategy, it reports 53 percent surge in profits. mark for My Articles 1142 similar articles
August 2010
Big Hotels Aim for Little Demographic Targets As a consumer, you can win a free room online through multitudinous social media sites and blog giveaways. mark for My Articles 593 similar articles
PC Magazine
July 20, 2010
Eric Griffith
Ultimate Twitter Tool Guide, Part 2 It's time to improve your tweet skills. These services that search Twitter, host files, and even mash up micro-blogging with other services. mark for My Articles 389 similar articles
Search Engine Watch
July 20, 2010
Garry Przyklenk
SMART Social Media ROI: Show me the Money! Sorry to break everyone's Utopian social media bubble, but measuring ROI for social media efforts isn't terribly difficult. And despite what anyone says, it's all about the money. mark for My Articles 237 similar articles
Search Engine Watch
July 19, 2010
Kaila Strong
How Social Are Your Customers? You need the right information about your customers' social media habits. Here's how you can find out where they spend their time online, where to get demographic data, and determine their levels of participation. mark for My Articles 75 similar articles
Job Journal
July 18, 2010
Selena Dehne
Think Before You Tweet Does your trail of tweets on Twitter sing your praises or strike some sour notes? mark for My Articles 237 similar articles
July 18, 2010
Lauren McKay
NetSuite Sweetens E-Commerce with Social NetSuite is calling the new components of its social shopping platform Fluid Social, which will provide users with analytics around the online stores, online marketing, search engines, and now social media. mark for My Articles 109 similar articles
Search Engine Watch
July 17, 2010
Avril Korman
Sex, Money, Fame & Glamour in Second Life Second Life allows users to do things that would be physically impossible, logistically difficult, and/or financially prohibitive in real life, so people can explore these ideas safely, with little to no restriction on their creativity. mark for My Articles 27 similar articles
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