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Magazine articles on the internet's impact on society, privacy, spam, hacking, scams, regulation.
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March 9, 2007
Clint Boulton
SEC Cracking Down on Spam 'Pump and Dump' The SEC has suspended securities trading of 35 companies as part of a new crackdown on market manipulation via spam. mark for My Articles 658 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
March 2007
Robert Losinski
Patrolling Web 2.0 As the internet grows more complex, districts need more than a conventional filter to protect tech-savvy students from unsafe online content. mark for My Articles 561 similar articles
March 8, 2007
Clint Boulton
Bet You Don't Know Who I Really Am When it comes to the Internet, consumers' finances are cannon fodder for opportunistic thieves. mark for My Articles 286 similar articles
The Motley Fool
March 2, 2007
Tim Beyers
Quick Take: Watch Out for Killer Video Games Another tragic death in China could change the way we view the computer screen. mark for My Articles 228 similar articles
PC Magazine
March 6, 2007
No Peeking at Suspect E-Mail Don't peek at the pictures in spam e-mails. If you look, you're potentially giving personal information to the sender and, of course, inviting more spam. mark for My Articles 413 similar articles
March 1, 2007
Esther Shein
Six Degrees of Irritation Business executives are increasingly turning to social-networking sites to pitch potential partners, make introductions, or pry away employees. But it's hard to know if the person on the other end of the E-mail is who he says he is. mark for My Articles 133 similar articles
March 2007
Annalee Newitz
Herding the Mob On the Web, we let strangers tell us who to trust, what to read, and where to go. Which means your good name can be worth real money. And reputation hacking can be big business. mark for My Articles 172 similar articles
PC World
February 26, 2007
Robert McMillan
Phishing Sites Explode on the Web Online criminals are thriving even in the face of new automated defenses. mark for My Articles 236 similar articles
PC World
February 21, 2007
Ryan Singel
Zero-Day Malware Attacks You Can't Block No matter how diligently you patch your PC, it may still be vulnerable during the first hours of a previously unseen attack. Here's what you should know about zero-day hazards and the security holes they exploit. mark for My Articles 680 similar articles
PC World
February 21, 2007
Erik Larkin
Don't Let Bad Guys Pose as You Flaws let attackers trick a Web site into providing your personal information. mark for My Articles 443 similar articles
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