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Magazine articles on biology, life sciences, biotech, medical research.
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National Defense
February 2011
Eric Beidel
Putty May Put Soldiers On Fast-Track to Recovery Researchers are making big strides toward developing a putty that can regenerate bone and allow the injured to function normally during the healing process. mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
January 2011
Sandra Upson
Bionic Pancreas Artificial organ could improve control over diabetes mark for My Articles 252 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 20, 2010
Jennifer Newton
Frozen assets in biobanks Scientists from Sweden have devised a technique that extracts both DNA and RNA from frozen tissue in a bid to improve large-scale extractions from samples stored in biobanks, which could aid cancer research. mark for My Articles 204 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 17, 2010
James Mitchell Crow
Drug delivery: from needles to nanorods? Gold nanorods warmed by beams of infrared light could be the ideal way to deliver drugs through the skin, researchers in Japan have discovered. mark for My Articles 74 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 16, 2010
Elinor Richards
Measuring the strength of garlic Richard Compton and his team from the University of Oxford have made an electrochemical sensor that detects the amount of diallylsulfides in garlic. Larger amounts of diallylsulfides indicate a stronger flavor. mark for My Articles 22 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 15, 2010
James Urquhart
Biohydrogen produced in air A strain of nitrogen-fixing ocean microbe has been found to be the most efficient hydrogen-producing microbe to date, boosting the prospect of one day using hydrogen as an environmentally friendly fuel. mark for My Articles 184 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 15, 2010
Simon Hadlington
Vodka taste test tiff 'Tis the season for the office drinks party, so perhaps an appropriate time for a row to have broken out over the science behind the taste of vodka. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 13, 2010
James Urquhart
Nanotube probe for cellular studies A new way of peering inside biological cells using carbon nanotubes as tiny multifunctional endoscopes has been developed by US researchers. mark for My Articles 179 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 8, 2010
Phillip Broadwith
Nanodiamond encrusted bones Using tiny diamonds to reinforce biodegradable polymers could make them strong enough to make surgical screws that simply dissolve once their purpose is served, say US scientists. mark for My Articles 40 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 3, 2010
Mike Brown
Arsenic sustains life A microorganism that uses the toxic element arsenic instead of essential nutrient phosphorus to sustain growth and life has been discovered by US researchers and could help us understand how life on Earth evolved. mark for My Articles 42 similar articles
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