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Magazine articles on biology, life sciences, biotech, medical research.
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Chemistry World
July 10, 2013
David Bradley
Solar-powered autoclave punks pathogens It sounds like the most desirable machine in a 'steampunk' laboratory: a solar-powered autoclave that sterilizes using light-harvesting nanoparticles that blast out steam. mark for My Articles 23 similar articles
Chemistry World
July 9, 2013
Daniel Johnson
Stealthy nanoparticles gather to take on tumors A team of Chinese scientists have created nanoparticles that respond to changes in pH, clumping together in acidic conditions. mark for My Articles 129 similar articles
Chemistry World
July 7, 2013
Anthony King
Green graphene band-aid Scientists have revealed that graphene kills bacteria by slicing through their membranes and yanking out their phospholipids. They say graphene could become a new type of 'green' antimicrobial material for everyday use. mark for My Articles 94 similar articles
Chemistry World
July 5, 2013
Jessica Cocker
Protein analysis unlocks museum mysteries Researchers in the US and UK have shown that peptide mass fingerprinting can be used to determine the animal species of collagen-based materials in a diverse range of museum objects. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
Chemistry World
July 3, 2013
Donatella Lippi
Chocolate as medicine: a quest over the centuries The book by Philip K Wilson and W Jeffrey Hurst summarizes the best evidence available from science to support and confirm the health benefits of chocolate. mark for My Articles 43 similar articles
Chemistry World
July 2, 2013
Sonja Hampel
Thalidomide teams-up with turmeric to kill myeloma cells Cancer researchers in the US and China have combined the turmeric spice pigment curcumin and the drug thalidomide to create hybrid compounds that can kill multiple myeloma cells. mark for My Articles 22 similar articles
Chemistry World
July 2, 2013
Jeanne Therese Andres
Mapping receptors in the brain Scientists from the UK and Germany have developed new compounds that target and bind to brain proteins linked to serious neurological disorders. mark for My Articles 114 similar articles
Chemistry World
July 2, 2013
Derek Lowe
Target acquired Phenotypic screening has recently seen a revival in popularity. This technique assesses drug candidates first by their effects in some organism, then works back to their causes. It can be an effective strategy, but when you find some interesting results, the need to explain them can become acute. mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
Chemistry World
July 1, 2013
James Urquhart
Antibiotic research hits a sweet spot UK researchers have found a way to weaken the molecular armour of Escherichia coli to allow the host's immune system to attack and kill the pathogen. mark for My Articles 92 similar articles
Chemistry World
June 28, 2013
Emma Stoye
Antibiotic killing mechanism debate continues Antibiotics can kill bacteria without the need for reactive oxygen species. That's the claim of new research, which has added new evidence into the emerging debate over how antibiotics exert their lethal effects. mark for My Articles 78 similar articles
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