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Magazine articles on future trends in science.
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Knowledge@Wharton From R2D2 to Spirit and Beyond: What's in Store for Intelligent Robots? While we tend to imagine robots in terms of sci-fi adventures and movies, or as legions of automatons replacing human workers in the job force, the truth may be more mundane and less sinister. mark for My Articles 395 similar articles
January 23, 2004
Susan Kuchinskas
ZigBee Key to Jetsons-style Living Two-way, low-data-rate chips will be central to the connected home of the future, say analysts. mark for My Articles 25 similar articles
February 2, 2004
Microvision Puts A Scanner On Your Cap Microvision, a leader in scanners, keeps luring big customers. CEO Richard Rutkowski has signed up Honda Motor, Boeing, Stryker, and the U.S. Army. Microvision makes Nomad, an enhanced-vision system mounted on a baseball cap. It uses a scanning mirror and a beam of light to project images on the user's retina. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
January 16, 2004
Jim Wagner
Cyberspace, The Next Battlefield Is World Cyber War I somewhere on the horizon? A new report shows the increased popularity of converged networks like VoIP makes it more likely. mark for My Articles 429 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
January 2004
Christopher Allbritton
The Home Network Chances are you have a computer at home connected to the Internet. Are you ready for a refrigerator that's also connected? And how about an entire network of home appliances, all accessible over the Net, and all talking to each other when you're not at home. mark for My Articles 66 similar articles
January 2004
Mike Godwin
Cybergreen An interview with novelist Bruce Sterling on media, design, fiction, and the future mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
PC Magazine
December 24, 2003
John R. Quain
Homeland Security Gets Small Ultimately, fighting the war on terrorism may have less to do with giant aircraft carriers and more to do with atomic-scale detection and prevention systems. mark for My Articles 29 similar articles
Technology Research News
December 17, 2003
Kimberly Patch
PDA translates speech Handheld computers are getting powerful enough, and speech recognition software accurate enough, that travelers, soldiers and aid workers in foreign countries could soon have automatic speech translation in hand. A prototype Arabic-English medical translator is a significant milestone. mark for My Articles 55 similar articles
PC Magazine
December 4, 2003
Mining for Meaning The days of translation and natural-language software insisting on spewing amusingly idiotic interpretations may be headed for the history books. mark for My Articles 84 similar articles
December 2003
Ronald Bailey
The Smaller the Better The limitless promise of nanotechnology -- and the growing peril of a moratorium. mark for My Articles 161 similar articles
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