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Magazine articles on research, scientific thinking, and laboratories.
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Chemistry World
January 20, 2009
Rebecca Trager
Obama assembles 'science dream team' Throughout his election campaign, Barack Obama repeatedly promised to usher in a 'new era' of innovation and restore US scientific and technological standing in the world. mark for My Articles 276 similar articles
January 19, 2009
Clive Thompson
Clive Thompson on How More Info Leads to Less Knowledge After years of celebrating the information revolution, we need to focus on the countervailing force: The disinformation revolution. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
Scientific American
January 2009
Daniel C. Schlenoff
150 Years Ago: The Birth of the Industrial Revolution Innovation and discovery as chronicled in past issues of Scientific American mark for My Articles
Chemistry World
December 11, 2008
Saffina Rana
EU coordinates research on measurement standards A new European metrology research program with an overall budget of at least 400 million could be underway by the end of 2009. mark for My Articles 54 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 5, 2008
Matt Wilkinson
250m to train new breed of UK scientists The UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has selected 44 new centers to share a 250 million injection into postgraduate science education. mark for My Articles 140 similar articles
Science News
Janet Raloff
Help NAS And Yourself "We're using a survey to get a sense of what the science-interested public is most interested in," explains Stephen Mautner, executive editor of National Academies Press. mark for My Articles
Science News
Janet Raloff
Real News: An Endangered Species Many recently jettisoned reporters covered science, medicine, environment, biotechnology, and research-policy issues. mark for My Articles 90 similar articles
December 2008
Ronald Bailey
Speculation, Innovation, Regulation In 1968 reason magazine predicted, technologically speaking, what life would be like today. How accurate were they? mark for My Articles 18 similar articles
Science News
November 21, 2008
Elizabeth Quill
Insatiable Curiosity: Innovation In A Fragile Future In her latest book Insatiable Curiosity, Helga Nowotny makes a reasoned argument for embracing scientific progress despite its sometimes unsettling consequences. mark for My Articles
Chemistry World
Ned Stafford
ERC concludes first phase of advanced grants The European Research Council (ERC) has announced the final cash handouts from its first ever 'Advanced Grants' competition, worth a total of 542 million, and launched the competition's second phase of funding. mark for My Articles 127 similar articles
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