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Magazine articles on research, scientific thinking, and laboratories.
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Chemistry World
October 3, 2014
Rebecca Trager
US research agencies in limbo Congress adjourned in September to campaign for the mid-term elections without passing a budget for any federal agency, and won't return to work until 12 November. mark for My Articles 108 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 2, 2014
Bodewits et al.
An escape plan Everyone entering academia would benefit from a soft landing when they leap from the ivory tower -- female scientists aren't the only ones with families to feed. mark for My Articles 31 similar articles
Information Today
October 2, 2014
Thomson Reuters Predicts Nobel Prize Winners Thomson Reuters mined scientific research citations and conducted qualitative analysis to find the most influential nominees in chemistry, physics, economics, and medicine. mark for My Articles 95 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 29, 2014
Derek Lowe
Garbage in, garbage out Evaluating scientists is not easy. That's always been the case, and the shortcuts to doing it have been around a long time too. Counting papers and conferences is easy, but stupid. mark for My Articles 128 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 26, 2014
Rebecca Trager
NIH wants scientists to consider sex in research The US National Institutes of Health has invested an additional $10 million in studies that will consider sex and gender as a fundamental variable in research. mark for My Articles 33 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 25, 2014
Mark Peplow
Good advice Scientists and policymakers from more than 40 countries gathered in New Zealand to share their experience at the first Global Conference on Science Advice to Governments. mark for My Articles 12 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 23, 2014
Anthony King
Swiss readmitted to Europe's huge science program Switzerland has been readmitted to part of the EU's huge science program, but this may be only temporary. mark for My Articles 77 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 22, 2014
Angeli Mehta
Scotland's 'no' vote pleases much of the science community The majority of Scotland's science community wasn't convinced that independence would deliver for research. mark for My Articles 129 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 12, 2014
Emma Stoye
Juncker names new science commissioner Portuguese secretary of state Carlos Moedas has been named as the next European commissioner for research, science and innovation by commission president-elect Jean-Claude Juncker, who has announced his new team for the commission. mark for My Articles 47 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 11, 2014
Jo Elcoat
Visions of science In this lucid and lively book James Secord examines seven key scientific texts published between 1828 and 1834 at 'a utopian moment' in British history. mark for My Articles
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