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Magazine articles on physics.
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Science News
May 25, 2002
Ivars Peterson
Crystal Mobius Physicists in Japan have come up with a technique for twisting a crystalline ribbon of niobium selenide into a Mobius strip. mark for My Articles 23 similar articles
April 2002
Gregory Benford
Leaping the Abyss Stephen Hawking on black holes, unified field theory, and Marilyn Monroe... mark for My Articles 127 similar articles
March 15, 2002
John Edwards
Quantum Leap A quantum physics breakthrough could turn pipe dreams, such as ultra-high-speed quantum computers and teleportation, into real-world technologies... mark for My Articles 198 similar articles
December 2001
Stephen Pinfield
How Do Physicists Use an E-Print Archive? This paper describes how physicists make use of an established centralized subject-based e-prints service, arXiv (formerly known as the Los Alamos XXX service), and discusses the possible implications of this use for institutional multidisciplinary e-print archives... mark for My Articles 46 similar articles
October 2001
Wil McCarthy
Ultimate Alchemy Research into artificial atoms could lead to one startling endpoint: programmable matter that changes its makeup at the flip of a switch... mark for My Articles 514 similar articles
Science News
September 29, 2001
Ivars Peterson
Follow the Leader Physicists Graeme J. Ackland and David Butler of the University of Edinburgh address a sort of "pack formation" in the Sept. 13 Nature. They created a mathematical model to predict when packs would form in orienteering and cycling competitions... mark for My Articles 1 similar article
September 2001
Mark K. Anderson
Liquid Logic Say good-bye to the either-or binary digit. Quantum computing is riding a new wave of supercool subatomic bits that can be both 1 and 0 at once... mark for My Articles 228 similar articles
Science News
September 8, 2001
Ivars Peterson
Waves of Congestion From a physicist's point of view, traffic flow can be regarded as a "many-body system of strongly interacting bodies." Various studies have revealed that such systems can show wavelike behavior and abrupt transitions from one state to another... mark for My Articles 121 similar articles
August 2001
Mark Frauenfelder
Smash Hits Videogames are getting seriously physical: The engine is the real-time force of nature. Now when you fight, the entire game environment fights back... mark for My Articles 11 similar articles
June 2001
Brian Alexander
Atomic Rulers of the World Nanoscale optics, quantum computing - the battle for technology supremacy is being fought inside the labs of a national standards agency called NIST. And the new enemy is in the White House... mark for My Articles 24 similar articles
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