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Magazine articles on physics.
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Chemistry World
September 2009
Column: The crucible Philip Ball looks at a new device that creates energy from salinity differences between fresh and sea water mark for My Articles 22 similar articles
Chemistry World
August 27, 2009
Nina Notman
Molecules in close-up A tuning-fork-like device than measures atomic forces is able to image every single atom in a molecule, according to its Swiss inventors. mark for My Articles 235 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
September 2009
5 Metamaterials That Make Matter Invisible, Silent or Blindingly Fast When nature can't supply raw ingredients for next-generation hardware, scientists create their own. mark for My Articles 18 similar articles
Chemistry World
August 24, 2009
James Urquhart
Separating isomers with electric fields A new technique uses electrostatic fields at ultracold temperatures to isolate individual conformational isomers from a complex molecule. mark for My Articles 119 similar articles
Scientific American
September 2009
Michael Moyer
Quantum Entanglement, Photosynthesis and Better Solar Cells Quantum details of plants' food-making ability could improve photovoltaic technology mark for My Articles 124 similar articles
Chemistry World
August 17, 2009
Lewis Brindley
DNA shapes up for nanoelectronic devices Researchers have taken a step towards the next generation of high-speed computer chips by controlling how triangle-shaped pieces of DNA mount themselves on a surface. mark for My Articles 93 similar articles
Chemistry World
August 16, 2009
Hayley Birch
Nanotubes promise ultra-small wearable oxygen sensors US researchers have created tiny oxygen-sensing devices made from carbon nanotubes. mark for My Articles 197 similar articles
Chemistry World
August 14, 2009
Jon Cartwright
Nanomotors detect trace silver Researchers in the US and Germany have found that the speed of synthetic 'nanomotors' responds to nearby concentrations of silver. mark for My Articles 120 similar articles
Chemistry World
August 13, 2009
Simon Hadlington
Forcing enzyme activity New research has shown that physically stretching an enzyme can trigger its activity - even when the active site is not hidden in a 'cryptic' position. Mechanical force may play a more important role in biological molecular systems than previously realized. mark for My Articles 68 similar articles
Chemistry World
August 12, 2009
Jon Cartwright
Exposing nano-objects' molecular make up Chemists in the US have developed a new technique to identify individual nano-objects via their molecular structure. The technique involves bombarding the nano-objects with single clusters of gold atoms. mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
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