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Magazine articles on psychology.
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Chemistry World
February 2006
Michael Gross
Cupid's Chemistry Scientists are beginning to make some sense of romantic love through modern imaging techniques and a multidisciplinary approach involving geneticists, biochemists, anthropologists, psychologists, and others. mark for My Articles 114 similar articles
February 1, 2006
Vatche Bartekian
Had Enough Sleep Lately? Research from the University of Westminster shows that people who leap out of bed at the crack of dawn are less healthy, both physically and emotionally, than those who snooze on till the sun is well risen. mark for My Articles 194 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
January 30, 2006
Manda Salls
Looking Behind Bad Decisions Harvard professor Max Bazerman explores how psychological science helps explain how leaders' decision making is influenced by such forces as parochialism, nationalism, and dysfunctional competition, while also providing tools that foster rational decision making. mark for My Articles 11 similar articles
February 2006
John Geirland
Buddha on the Brain A neuroscientist published studies on the brain activity of Tibetan Buddhist monks during meditation, shedding light on the ability to change brain function through training. mark for My Articles 65 similar articles
Dustin Driver
How Weather Affects Your Mood What are the psychological and physiological effects of bad weather and what can we do to clear them up? Coping Sans Sunlight... The Barometric Blues... Relentless Rain... etc. mark for My Articles 62 similar articles
February 2006
Jennifer Pellet
You Must Be Crazy A new study found that "functional psychopaths" make better investment decisions. The take-away for investors is that those who tend to be emotional may want to leave the management of their investment decisions to a trusted third party. mark for My Articles 38 similar articles
Science News
January 21, 2006
Ivars Peterson
College Friendships and Social Networks Sociologists analyzed e-mail messages exchanged by 43,553 students, faculty, and staff at a large university over the course of a year. What they discovered was a turbulent sea of constantly changing relationships among individuals yet remarkable stability in the properties of the network as a whole. mark for My Articles 8 similar articles
Fast Company
January 2006
Lucas Conley
Getting Inside Your Head A company that "fingerprints" brain activity to gauge emotional responses has attracted interest from Madison Ave. to the CIA. mark for My Articles 54 similar articles
Scientific American
January 9, 2006
Philip E. Ross
Half-Brained Schemes If halving the brain of an epileptic child can suppress debilitating seizures without interfering with the development of normal intellectual abilities, what's all that gray matter good for, anyway? mark for My Articles 182 similar articles
Bio-IT World
Dec 2005/Jan 2006
Kevin Davies
First Base: The Century of the Mind Last month, MIT officially opened the spectacular McGovern Institute for Brain Research. In total, more than 500 staff will be housed there, making it the largest neuroscience center in the world. mark for My Articles 28 similar articles
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