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Magazine articles on psychology.
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March 2001
Steven Landsburg
Stuffing Envelopes Does recent research prove we're altruists or does it suggest something darker about us? mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
February 27, 2001
Vatche Bartekian
Laughter Can Cure What Ails You So what is the purpose of laughter and why do we do it? mark for My Articles 27 similar articles
American Family Physician
February 15, 2001
Michael P. McGrail
Disability Prevention Principles in the Primary Care Office Assessment of impairment and subsequent disability is best made on the basis of objective data by use of a biopsychosocial model to ensure that the expression of disability does not mask other unaddressed psychologic or social issues... mark for My Articles 462 similar articles
American Family Physician
February 15, 2001
Karen S. Santacruz & Daniel Swagerty
Early Diagnosis of Dementia As more treatment options become available, it will become increasingly important to diagnose dementia early... mark for My Articles 260 similar articles
February 12, 2001
Katharine Mieszkowski
Bunker fever Y2K never quite happened. When you're paranoid, that's a tough pill to swallow... mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
January 9, 2001
Damien Cave
The virtual reality shrink Can computerized 3-D immersion therapy cure you of your fear of flying? mark for My Articles 1 similar article
January 6, 2001
Joshua Levine
Dealing With Depression Clinical depression is an illness characterized by a cluster of feelings, thoughts and behaviors that are strikingly different from a person's normal range of feeling and functioning... mark for My Articles 417 similar articles
September 14, 2000
Simon McNeil
What Your Snacks Reveal About You In the past, psychiatrists looked at inkblots to see into the subconscious of an individual. However, "it makes more sense to look at food preferences, since smell and taste is processed in the limbic system or the same area of the brain that handles emotions." mark for My Articles 67 similar articles
American Family Physician
December 15, 2000
Susan Mockus Parks & Karen D. Novielli
A Practical Guide to Caring for Caregivers Patients who provide care to family members or friends with dementia are likely to be in a family physician's practice. The caregiver role can be stressful, and identifying these patients can give the family physician opportunities to help patients cope with the challenges of the role... mark for My Articles 130 similar articles
American Family Physician
December 15, 2000
Timothy F. Jones
Mass Psychogenic Illness: Role of the Individual Physician Mass psychogenic illness is characterized by symptoms, occurring among a group of persons with shared beliefs regarding those symptoms, that suggest organic illness but have no identifiable environmental cause and little clinical or laboratory evidence of disease... mark for My Articles 117 similar articles
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