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Magazine articles on space and astronomy.
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June 2006
Adam Rogers
The Challenger When Peter Diamandis gave the $10 million Ansari X Prize to the SpaceShipOne crew in 2004, he did more than build excitement about private space travel. mark for My Articles 65 similar articles
Chemistry World
May 10, 2006
Katharine Sanderson
Making Fun of Beagle 2 (Again) Colin Pillinger, who ran the Beagle 2 mission to Mars that famously went missing on Christmas day 2003, is capitalizing on the media attention the failed mission attracted with an exhibition of cartoons charting man's obsession with reaching the red planet. mark for My Articles
Scientific American
May 8, 2006
Graham P. Collins
Chaos in the Crater Welcome to the Vredefort Crater, a real Bermuda Triangle about 100 kilometers southwest of Johannesburg. It is the oldest and largest impact remnant on the planet, created by an asteroid about two billion years ago. mark for My Articles 124 similar articles
Science News
May 6, 2006
Science Safari: Aircraft Photos The Dryden Flight Research Center's Web site contains images of many of the research and experimental aircraft flown at the test facility, from the 1940s to today.. mark for My Articles 177 similar articles
Chemistry World
May 2006
Andrew West
Mission to Marzzz... With planned manned missions to Mars, ESA and NASA both recently announced that they are funding research into methods that would allow astronauts to spend months or even years in suspended animation. mark for My Articles 220 similar articles
May 2006
Kathryn Hansen
Sunspot Outlook 2012 The future of the sun appears spotty, according to some solar scientists. By incorporating physical observations of the sun into a model, some scientists predict that the sun will boast more sunspots during its next cycle than previous estimates anticipated. mark for My Articles 267 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
May 2006
Karen C. Fox
How it Works: Large Binocular Telescope The world's most powerful optical telescope will soon be peering at objects that date back to the dawn of time. mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
Science News
April 29, 2006
The Mysterious Smell of Moondust Here's a link to an account of Apollo astronauts describing the smell and taste of moondust, which they experienced firsthand inside their lunar landers. mark for My Articles 49 similar articles
Chemistry World
April 20, 2006
Barry DiGregorio
Calcite Differences on Mars Differential thermal analysis of calcite samples is aiding the hunt for life on Mars. mark for My Articles 65 similar articles
Chemistry World
April 13, 2006
Jon Evans
Chemists Bring Alien Molecule Down to Earth Chemists have recreated an alien molecule in the laboratory by synthesising a stable version of the carbene cyclopropenylidene. Cyclopropenylidene was first detected by radio astronomers in 1985, and is now the most abundant cyclic hydrocarbon observed in interstellar space. mark for My Articles 30 similar articles
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