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Magazine articles on modern history.
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June 28, 2004
Amy Barrett
Jonas Salk: He Put An End To Polio In the '50s, Dr. Jonas Salk moved with lightning speed to develop and test a vaccine for polio. mark for My Articles 212 similar articles
Science News
June 19, 2004
From the June 16, 1934, issue Growths of Fancy... Italian Discovery May be First of Super-Elements... Harvard Exhibits New-Found Triple-Horned Dinosaur... mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
World War II
June 17, 2004
David C. Isby
Double Agent's D-Day Victory A double agent code-named "Garbo" led Adolf Hitler to believe that the Normandy invasion was just a diversion. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
June 16, 2004
Wendy McElroy
The Birth of Father's Day If the holiday took longer to receive the public acknowledgement it deserved, perhaps this can be a reminder of how easy it is, even for those with good intentions, to overlook the importance of fatherhood. mark for My Articles 70 similar articles
Military History
June 15, 2004
Peter G. Tsouras
Alexander the Great's Most Heroic Moment Acceding to his weary soldiers' wishes, Alexander the Great turned homeward from India -- but even the trip back would require battle and conquest. mark for My Articles 14 similar articles
Military History
June 15, 2004
Don Hollway
Triumph of Flexible Firepower King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden arrived too late to save Magdeburg, but at Breitenfeld he changed the course of the Thirty Years' War -- and the state of the military art. mark for My Articles
Popular Mechanics
June 2004
Chris Christian
Riding Shotgun The coach gun played a critical role on the Western frontier. Now it's regaining popularity among Old West enthusiasts. mark for My Articles 61 similar articles
June 21, 2004
Larry Armstrong
Who's The Real Mr. Chips? The work of three scientists gave birth to transistors -- and to Silicon Valley. mark for My Articles 45 similar articles
June 21, 2004
Joyce Barnathan
The Cowboy Who Roped In Russia Reagan repeatedly upped the ante -- and convinced Moscow he meant business. mark for My Articles 57 similar articles
June 2004
Memorials in Stone The summer is a wonderful time to hit the road and explore a variety of geologically significant places. Here, we profile three stone features that have been transformed into memorials to important figures in U.S. history. mark for My Articles 29 similar articles
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