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Magazine articles on modern history.
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World War II
June 2005
Walter Hassell
USS Lexington: Walter Hassell Recalls the Torpedo Attack That Ended Lady Lex Unlike the flight crews, who had performed so well and valiantly, the ground crew and ship's company had been but spectators in the war. All this was to change. mark for My Articles 252 similar articles
Science News
May 28, 2005
From the May 25, 1935, Issue Yankee's New Welded Mast Saves in Air Resistance... Plants Become Poisonous by Absorbing Selenium... Patagonia's "Wild West" Yields Unknown Fossils... mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
American History
August 2005
Nancy Rubin Stuart
The Fox Sisters: Spiritualism's Unlikely Founders Out of the pranks of precocious sisters in upstate New York in 1847 grew a religious and social movement that swept across America. Often associated with abolition, suffrage and the brotherhood of all souls, spiritualism continued to evolve and flourish through the 20th century. mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
June 2005
Richard Panek
The Year of Albert Einstein His dizzying discoveries in 1905 would forever change our understanding of the universe. Amid all the centennial hoopla, the trick is to separate the man from the math. mark for My Articles 102 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
May 2005
Berlin & Casey
Robert Noyce and the Tunnel Diode A 50-year-old notebook reveals the seed of a great invention. mark for My Articles 43 similar articles
Science News
May 21, 2005
From the May 18, 1935, Issue New Methods for Making Heavy Water Are Perfected... Multiple Sclerosis Laid to Blood That Clots Too Easily... Rotation of Milky Way Shown for Faint Stars as Well... mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
Summer 2005
Antulio J. Echevarria
The Trouble with History Professional military education must equip students to understand the difference between historical reality and attempts to describe it. It must refrain from reinforcing the tendency among military students to regard history as a sentimental treasure. mark for My Articles 55 similar articles
Summer 2005
From the Archives The way it was on January 29, 1789, as the Vietnamese liberated Hanoi from the Chinese. mark for My Articles 28 similar articles
May 30, 2005
Hardy Green
Becoming America "1776" by David McCullough is a new book about the first year of the American Revolution. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
May 2005
Brian Doherty
The Magical Father of American Rocketry Biographer George Pendle's book, Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist John Whiteside Parsons tells the bizarre tale of a character whose innovations in rocket fuel design were vital to mankind's leaving the surface of the planet. mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
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