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Magazine articles of special interest to men.
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Adam Fox
Scarf Rules You Need To Know: Style Q&A Q: With the weather dropping, what are the rules for picking and matching up scarves? mark for My Articles 369 similar articles IWC Watches I'll admit, I'm a sucker for advertising. So I've fallen hard for IWC's "Engineered for Men" campaign and the design of its watches, which really appeal to my inner pilot, diver and sailor. mark for My Articles 175 similar articles
Dave Golokhov
Erectile Dysfunction Therapy A study, which was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, tested a method called shock therapy, which is normally used to treat kidney stones externally. mark for My Articles 63 similar articles
Dave Golokhov
Underarm Smell Forget a deodorant stick or body spray; Swallowable Parfum is in the developmental stages with a pill that is meant to produce perfume right out of your pores. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles Baseball Jackets We're just going to highlight some awesome men's baseball jackets because they truly are classic -- and, hey, if you happen to look current in them, all the better. mark for My Articles 137 similar articles
Farah Averill
Men's Halloween Costumes: 2011 To help inspire you in the costume department, here are our favorite individual and group costume ideas for 2011, based on the year's most notable political events, television series, films, and more. mark for My Articles 62 similar articles The Best Shirt For Bulky Guys: Style Q&A A recent media obsession with enclaves of New Jersey may lead you to believe that a skin-tight t-shirt or a tank top is the answer. It rarely is. Instead, we suggest slipping on a slim-fit polo that shows off your hard work without creating a situation. mark for My Articles 169 similar articles Breguet Watches There are two brands that are part of the Swatch conglomerate that are worthy of more than a passing glance: Glashutte Original and Breguet. mark for My Articles 265 similar articles
Farah Averill
2011 Party Style While looking your best is of concern anytime you need to travel further than from your couch to the fridge, it's particularly important to dial up your style when you have a party to attend. mark for My Articles 626 similar articles
Farah Averill
2011 Work Style Even if you're not in the process of hunting for a new job, a man needs to take care to update his work wardrobe each season. mark for My Articles 826 similar articles
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