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Magazine articles on philanthropy and charities.
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AFP eWire
April 5, 2011
Cause Marketing Lowers Charitable Donations, Researcher Says Not only can cause marketing result in fewer donations, it can decrease consumer happiness, as well. mark for My Articles 202 similar articles
April 2011
Susan J. Ellis
Celebrate Collective Accomplishments, Not Volunteered Time Volunteer recognition is a powerful tool for leaders of volunteers that remains largely underutilized. mark for My Articles 207 similar articles
Information Today
March 31, 2011
Wolters Kluwer Health Supports Disaster Relief Efforts in Japan Free online access to emergency, disaster, trauma, and radiation contamination resources to Japanese hospitals and healthcare institutions affected by the disasters will be available via the Wolters Kluwer Health Emergency Resources Portal. mark for My Articles 76 similar articles
Information Today
March 31, 2011
Elsevier Provides Free Clinical Reference Support for Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts Free access will be available through April 2011. This effort is part of a new initiative to provide easily accessible focused resources in response to world events that present difficult medical challenges. mark for My Articles 74 similar articles
AFP eWire
March 29, 2011
Americans Under Age 40 Are as Likely to Donate to Japan Disaster Relief Through Electronic Means as Traditional Means In a striking shift in charitable donations methods, Americans under age 40 are now just as likely to give donations to disaster relief through digital means as they are through traditional means. mark for My Articles 200 similar articles
Fast Company
April 1, 2011
April Rabkin
Chen Guangbiao, China's Charity Champion Chen Guangbiao's model of giving is the philanthropic equivalent of nouveau-riche ostentation: He's fond of publicity stunts, cash giveaways, and media scrums. mark for My Articles 105 similar articles
Chemistry World
March 21, 2011
James Urquhart
Seeing clearly with silicone School children in developing countries who have poor vision could soon see clearly thanks to cheap self-adjustable glasses that use silicone fluid to control the lens power. mark for My Articles 30 similar articles
AFP eWire
March 20, 2011
Building Board Buy-In for Fundraising The first rule of board leadership in fundraising is to make sure that all board members understand and accept the concept that resource development is the responsibility of each and every member of the board. mark for My Articles 698 similar articles
The Motley Fool
March 16, 2011
John Reeves
Donating to Japan What you can do to help. mark for My Articles 439 similar articles
AFP eWire
March 15, 2011
What Fundraisers Can Learn From Salespeople Nonprofit fundraisers can use sales and marketing techniques. mark for My Articles 319 similar articles
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