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Magazine articles on philanthropy and charities.
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AFP eWire
July 2, 2014
Debunking the "Willie Sutton Theory": How to Find Businesses That Will Support Your Nonprofit Yes, there are a lot of businesses in your community. But how do you narrow down the field to which ones will support your cause? mark for My Articles 114 similar articles
July 2014
Susan J. Ellis
I Really Want to Know: What's Going on Out There? Here are a few of the ideas from the past few years that I really love as concepts. Have you (or someone you know) tried any of them? mark for My Articles 198 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 24, 2014
Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) Charities have been concerned that some of their activities that generate significant funds for the organization would not be exempt from CASL or Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation2. mark for My Articles 250 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 23, 2014
Top Ten (Week of June 23, 2014): Successful Fundraisers Will Have These Traits 12 Reasons Why You Should Gracefully Resign from a Nonprofit Board... Take Our Major Gift Fundraising Aptitude Quiz... Blackbaud Ranks Most Generous Online U.S. Cities for 2013... mark for My Articles 519 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 19, 2014
AFP Q&A - AFP's Live Online Chat! AFP Q&A! is a unique platform that allows you to engage with and present questions to our featured Hosts, who will respond to them during their dedicated session. mark for My Articles 451 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 17, 2014
Giving Gets Its Groove Back -- But Grooves a Little Differently First, the good news: for the fourth consecutive year giving by Americans has grown. mark for My Articles 604 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 16, 2014
Top Ten (Week of June 16, 2014): How Often Should You Thank Recurring Donors? Marijuana Event Brings Money and Attention to Colo. Symphony ... 4 Ways to Improve Your Fundraising Ask... How Often Should You Thank Recurring Donors?... mark for My Articles 609 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 10, 2014
Melody Song
Philanthropy in China In consideration of China's special relationship with our country, Canada's nonprofit sector should consider market specific strategy for fundraising success to engage Chinese philanthropists mark for My Articles 457 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 10, 2014
Jill Nelson
The Zen of Estate Administration Are you sure your charity receives its full due from every estate gift? mark for My Articles 188 similar articles
AFP eWire
June 10, 2014
Jennifer Conley
CFRE Study Buddy Program We're all looking forward to creating a wonderful experience that leads to more of our AFP chapter members achieving their CFRE! mark for My Articles 47 similar articles
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