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Magazine articles on politics and society in India.
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National Defense
May 2004
Roxana Tiron
India Catching Up With Advances in UAVs India is looking to beef up its domestic capabilities by rapidly developing a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles. mark for My Articles 106 similar articles
April 19, 2004
Manjeet Kripalani
A Voting Revolution In India? India's new electronic system -- built on $200 machines -- could curb fraud and build faith in the process mark for My Articles 279 similar articles
March 29, 2004
Manjeet Kripalani
Ban Outsourcing? Bad Idea Such legislation in the U.S. could derail India's moves to open its economy mark for My Articles 824 similar articles
February 23, 2004
Kripalani & Sandler
Building Fences -- And Growing Closer From security to information technology, business ties between India and Israel are proliferating mark for My Articles 806 similar articles
February 16, 2004
Gary S. Becker
What India Can Do To Catch Up With China India began to turn around its economy a little more than a decade ago -- and with further free-market reforms, it can give China a run for being the most dynamic big developing country. mark for My Articles 954 similar articles
February 1, 2004
Stephanie Overby
India Sees IT Wages Rise Good news for India's programmers: more rupees all around. Workers in the Indian IT industry won the highest average salary increases in the Asia-Pacific region for 2003, according to an annual Asia-Pacific salary survey. mark for My Articles 534 similar articles
February 2004
Daniel H. Pink
The New Face of the Silicon Age How India became the capital of the computing revolution. mark for My Articles 307 similar articles
February 2, 2004
Manjeet Kripalani
The Rush To Cash In On India Sizzling growth and an undervalued market have buyers lining up for IPOs. mark for My Articles 604 similar articles
January 19, 2004
Manjeet Kripalani
Can India Parlay Its Prosperity Into Power? Peace and trade moves in 2004 are part of a much wider effort by Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee to reassert India's role both in South Asia and on the global stage. mark for My Articles 592 similar articles
January 19, 2004
Cooper & Madigan
India: Third-Quarter Sizzle Bodes Well For 2004 A combination of government stimulus and abundant rain boosted India's growth rate in the third quarter to a six-year high. And optimism is growing for 2004. mark for My Articles 553 similar articles
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