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Magazine articles on politics, society, and news relevant to the entire European region.
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April 2001
Frank Rose
Meet Your New Advisory Board The European Commission has a mandate to shape new economy policy around the globe. It's called borderless bureaucracy... mark for My Articles 178 similar articles
April 6, 2001
Steve Kettmann
Bush's Euro-skeptics In France they call him "an idiot." In Germany they call him a "big bully." Europe could turn out to be President Bush's biggest foreign policy problem yet... mark for My Articles 147 similar articles
February 2001
Misha Glenny
How Europe Can Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Future Science and technology are at the heart of a new culture war -- pitting America's exuberance against Continental conservatism. Can we talk? mark for My Articles 125 similar articles
September 27, 2000
Bruce Shapiro
Prague dissent The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank hold their annual meeting in the Czech Republic -- a country that exemplifies growing European inequality. mark for My Articles 91 similar articles
Finance & Development
September 1, 2000
Stanley Fischer & Ratna Sahay
Taking Stock Economic performance has differed widely among the transition economies. The best performers are countries that were the most committed to reform at the start and that have carried out reforms rapidly and consistently. mark for My Articles 246 similar articles
Finance & Development
September 1, 2000
Oleh Havrylyshyn & John Odling-Smee
Political Economy of Stalled Reforms Powerful vested interests in some of the transition countries oppose further reform. But, even in this difficult climate, reform can and should continue. mark for My Articles 60 similar articles
Finance & Development
September 1, 2000
Robert A. Feldman & C. Maxwell Watson
Central Europe: From Transition to EU Membership The Central European countries have made considerable progress with the transition to a market economy and now face the challenge of developing macroeconomic policy frameworks on the road to EU accession. mark for My Articles 577 similar articles
Finance & Development
September 1, 2000
Roger Nord
Central and Eastern Europe and the New Financial Architecture As the Central and Eastern European countries prepare to join the European Union, they are participating in worldwide efforts to strengthen the global economy... mark for My Articles 338 similar articles
Finance & Development
September 1, 2000
Barry H. Potter & Jack Diamond
Building Treasury Systems Most OECD countries rely on treasury systems operated by their finance ministries to manage government finances. The Baltics, Russia, and other countries of the former Soviet Union, which did not have comparable systems, are building them from scratch. mark for My Articles 68 similar articles
June 3, 2000
Laura Rozen
Milosevic's fizzling opposition Even a year after the NATO bombing of Belgrade, there's still no one around to take down the Yugoslav leader. mark for My Articles 139 similar articles
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