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Magazine articles of special interest to women.
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Mother Jones
May/Jun 2001
Camelia Entekhabi-Fard
Behind the Veil Westerners see Iran's mandatory veil as a symbol of repression. But under cover of the hejab, Islamic women have gained more freedom than they -- or the fundamentalists -- could have imagined... mark for My Articles 124 similar articles
American Family Physician
September 1, 2001
Jim Nuovo
New Tests for Cervical Cancer Screening Recently, a number of new technologies have been developed to improve the detection of cervical cancer and its precursors. However, there is substantial controversy about whether the new tests offer meaningful advantages over the conventional Pap smear... mark for My Articles 204 similar articles
August 22, 2001
Annie Murphy Paul
A rehab of one's own Gender-specific recovery programs for women are gaining ground, despite criticism of their "warm and fuzzy" approach... mark for My Articles 59 similar articles
August 20, 2001
Theresa Rusho
One hundred girls for every boy Women's college was empowering -- and deeply alienating... mark for My Articles
August 15, 2001
Amy Benfer
I do -- kind of "I won't" feminists go up against "I did, but I have a good excuse" feminists in a holier-than-thou battle over what it means to walk that aisle... mark for My Articles 291 similar articles
August 15, 2001
Jennifer Foote Sweeney
None of your beeswax Certainly we have better things to do than judge each other's feminist credentials... mark for My Articles 36 similar articles
August 6, 2001
Carina Chocano
A bounty of dewlaps and drooping hooters To what do we owe this fixation on ripening women? mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
American Family Physician
August 2001
Marjorie E. Kaplan Seidenfeld
Impact of Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity on the Gynecologic Health of Adolescents Dieting behaviors and nutrition can have an enormous impact on the gynecologic health of adolescents... mark for My Articles 183 similar articles
Fast Company
August 2001
Alison Overholt
Open to Women? It was another promise of the new economy: We'd finally move from the old-time rules of the old boys' network to a workplace based on merit, performance, and skill -- a workplace that would be more open to women. We surveyed six successful women to see if the promise has been kept. mark for My Articles 32 similar articles
July 2001
Cathy Young
What Do Women Want? Feminism seeks new adherents -- and old goals... mark for My Articles 68 similar articles
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