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Magazine articles of special interest to women.
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July 2004
Tim Cavanaugh
Defending Divorce A new study from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that easy divorce in America provides some real social benefits, especially for women. mark for My Articles 115 similar articles
Seasoned Cooking
July 2004
Michael Fick
Women's Heart Health: Part Two Ladies, heart attacks are your primary killer, yet 82% of your heart disease is self-induced by bad habits, and thus avoidable. mark for My Articles 405 similar articles
June 2004
Nadine Heintz
Thinking Inside the Box Geraldine Laybourne of the Oxygen cable TV channel has finally discovered what women want -- perhaps to her chagrin, definitely to her profit. mark for My Articles 6 similar articles
The Motley Fool
June 28, 2004
Phil Wohl
Wal-Mart Waves Red Flag The leading retailer Wal-Mart lowers its June sales forecast as worries persist over a lawsuit. The suit alleges that the company's female workers were paid less than their male counterparts and that women were often skipped over for promotions. mark for My Articles 748 similar articles
June 23, 2004
Wendy McElroy
The Decline of Affirmative Action The Supreme Court's ambiguous attitude toward Affirmative Action in academia is echoed through lower courts across America, with some states explicitly rejecting the policy. mark for My Articles 30 similar articles
The Motley Fool
June 17, 2004
Seth Jayson
P&G Patches Up Sex Life? Proctor & Gamble announced that a second phase 3 clinical trial had demonstrated the safety and efficacy of its testosterone patch, to be called Intrinsa, for treating sexual dysfunction in women. mark for My Articles 193 similar articles
June 15, 2004
Thomas Wailgum
Selling Girl Scouts on Science Women make up 46 percent of the U.S. workforce, but only 22 percent of scientists and engineers, according to the National Science Foundation. The Girl Scouts are working with corporate and government agencies to change that. mark for My Articles 116 similar articles
June 21, 2004
Alexandra Starr
Desperately Seeking Single Women Voters Democrats are convinced that America's 46 million unmarried women, a group that ranges from never-marrieds just out of college to single mothers, middle-aged divorcees, and widows, could help swing the election. mark for My Articles 370 similar articles
June 21, 2004
Catherine Arnst
Guard Your Bones Osteoporosis is one of the biggest health risks facing older women. What can be done to help prevent this disease? mark for My Articles 285 similar articles
June 14, 2004
Michelle Conlin
Self-Deprecating Women A new book by New York psychiatrist Anna Fels, "Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women's Changing Lives," explores why many women continue to slink out of the spotlight, bleaching themselves from their stories by deflecting accolades and minimizing achievements. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
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