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Magazine articles of special interest to women.
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Science News
November 27, 2004
Diana Parsell
Saturated Fat Shows Unexpected Benefit In a study that examined the daily diets and coronary artery conditions of 235 older women, it was found that those women who had regularly eaten the highest amounts of saturated fats had the least amount of additional plague buildup in their arteries. mark for My Articles 365 similar articles
November 24, 2004
Carey Roberts
Patriarchal Power or Marxist Mischief? According to socialist-feminist theory, a vast anti-female conspiracy known as the "patriarchy" controls the social order. But the record shows otherwise: look at federal entitlement programs. mark for My Articles 57 similar articles
December 2004
Aliza Pilar Sherman
Going Global Doing business overseas can be effective in expanding markets and increasing sales, but what's it really like for women with vendors and clients in other countries? mark for My Articles 1 similar article
November 29, 2004
Kerry Capell
"A Vaccine Every Woman Should Take" Two drug companies are closing in on shots against HPV, the leading cause of cervical cancer. Despite the obvious benefits, the vaccines may not be an easy sell: There are social and moral hurdles to overcome. mark for My Articles 791 similar articles
November 17, 2004
Wendy McElroy
In Defense of Beauty Pageants It is not clear why a celebration of female physical beauty is sexist -- that is, anti-woman -- especially when all the women involved are eager to participate. It is time to lighten up and applaud beauty, not pathologize it. mark for My Articles 41 similar articles
November 17, 2004
Carey Roberts
Election Results Bode Poorly for the Rad-Fem Movement The Sisterhood in America finds itself on the losing side of its own issues, is witnessing the widescale erosion of its voting base, and must now resort to dis-information tactics to staunch the exodus. mark for My Articles 213 similar articles
American Family Physician
November 15, 2004
Apgar & Brotzman
Management of Cervical Cytologic Abnormalities Guidelines incorporate the Bethesda System 2001 terminology and data from randomized studies of atypical squamous cells, low-grade intraepithelial lesions, human papillomavirus testing, and liquid-based cytology to formulate evidence-based recommendations. mark for My Articles 80 similar articles
Foundation News & Commentary
Nov/Dec 2004
Linda A. Long
The Incubation of a Giving Circle Here's what happens when women donors pool their charitable dollars and decide communally which grantees to support. mark for My Articles 84 similar articles
November 3, 2004
Carey Roberts
All Hail to the Panderer-in-Chief Pandering, of course, is the stock-in-trade of any political campaign. Still, it was impressive to watch the two presidential candidates pulling out all the stops to woo the female vote. mark for My Articles 223 similar articles
October 27, 2004
Wendy McElroy
The Sad Evolution of Sexual Harassment The politically correct approach to sexual harassment means that those who claim victimhood are almost automatically believed. Sexual harassment must be rolled back for the same reason it arose as an issue: fairness. mark for My Articles 137 similar articles
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