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Magazine articles of special interest to women.
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Nutra Solutions
September 1, 2005
Mood Food to Women's Health Moody Perceptions on Functional Foods... Women and Alternative Medicine Studies... mark for My Articles 278 similar articles
Nutra Solutions
September 1, 2005
Fish to Bone Researchers found diets with a low ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids minimized the bone loss typically brought on by estrogen deficiency, which is common in post-menopausal females. mark for My Articles 121 similar articles
September 2005
Stephanie Clifford
Pregnancy Claim Settlements Rise A 1978 pregnancy-discrimination law is increasingly regarded as an available remedy. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
September 7, 2005
Carey Roberts
How Will We Cure the Radical Feminist Cancer? Once we challenge the feminist cultural hegemony and remind them how many privileges and advantages the average American woman enjoys, the gender warriors may come to realize that much of their sense of oppression is self-inflicted. mark for My Articles 106 similar articles
September 7, 2005
Loretta Nall
The Great Prison Panty Rebellion of Alabama This Alabama gubernatorial candidate recounts a harrowing experience in attempting to visit her brother in a state correctional facility, but was denied due to her not wearing panties. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
Sports Central
September 6, 2005
Mert Ertunga
Are Women Playing at the U.S. Open? The women's draw so far has consisted of bunch of matches, under an hour long, without much excitement. The big names have consistently outplayed their opponents, only stopping short of collecting an hourly fee for a tennis lesson, when they shake their hapless opponents' hands at the end of the matches. mark for My Articles 417 similar articles
August 31, 2005
Wendy McElroy
Gender Bias in Domestic Violence Treatment The oldest battered-women's shelter in New England is setting precedent and making many feminists nervous in the process -- by launching a "gender-neutral" search for a new executive director. mark for My Articles 251 similar articles
American Family Physician
September 1, 2005
Chasteberry Used for centuries as a treatment for hormone-related gynecologic conditions, current literature supports its use for PMS and cyclical breast discomfort but there is little or no data to support its use for menstrual irregularities, fertility disorders, or reducing sexual desire. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
September 5, 2005
Michael Arndt
Fine-Tuning the Attack on Breast Cancer Genentech's Herceptin, the first drug approved for a specific group, helps patients who are genetically susceptible to a virulent form of the disease. mark for My Articles 1070 similar articles
August 24, 2005
Carey Roberts
Chivalrous Men and the Victim-Princess Complex What is the truth of feminism? A fairytale come true, or a royal deception that appeals to the most primitive instincts of men and women alike? mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
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