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Magazine articles on baseball and softball.
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Sports Central
October 26, 2003
M. Edward Guest
World Champion Marlins Are Ultimate Opportunists Even though many puritans and fair-minded people contend that they did not deserve this, they earned it nonetheless. mark for My Articles 375 similar articles
Science News
October 25, 2003
Ivars Peterson
Seven-Game World Series In professional baseball's World Series, the championship is decided in a best-of-seven format. The first team to win four games gets the pennant. Curiously, series that go on for the full seven games appear to occur more often than simple probability arguments would suggest. mark for My Articles 68 similar articles
Sports Central
October 24, 2003
Jeff Zaginailoff
The Greatest World Series Ever I will list (what I consider to be) the best and more noteworthy World Series played since I have been following baseball (1967). The top dogs are still 1975 and 1991. mark for My Articles 60 similar articles
Sports Central
October 21, 2003
M. Edward Guest
The Importance of Game Sevens My generation has been schooled on just how important a home game is in the finale of a World Series, but that was not always the case. mark for My Articles 558 similar articles
October 15, 2003
John Clarkson
The Wild Face Of Baseball Baseball may be the national pastime, but there has been legitimate cause for years to wonder if Major League Baseball (MLB) is the forum in which America chooses to express her love for the sport. mark for My Articles 904 similar articles
Sports Central
October 14, 2003
Louis Llovio
Even in its Shining Hour, MLB Manages to Screw Things Up World Series scheduling could be a fiasco mark for My Articles 746 similar articles
Sports Central
October 9, 2003
Pete Sweigard
The Bizzaro World of Cubs/Sox The possibility of a Cubs/Red Sox World Series has much of the baseball world inanely giddy this postseason. mark for My Articles 251 similar articles
Sports Central
October 7, 2003
Jonathan Lowe
A Season of Wonder Perhaps the quick-paced intensity of Baseball's playoffs is payback for months of living in an unenthusiastic matrix. Whatever the reason, the MLB playoffs give baseball a leg-up on most of its other pro brethren. mark for My Articles 463 similar articles
Sports Central
October 2, 2003
Jeff Zaginailoff
Looking Ahead, and Back, At the World Series Matchups A look at the possible World Series matchups and the history between the teams. mark for My Articles 505 similar articles
Sports Central
September 30, 2003
Mason Williams
Playoff Division Series Psychology Rather than studying matchups, statistics, and other numerical aspects and prognosticating outcomes, I would like to speculate on the emotional and psychological states of the teams in order to determine this year's division series outcomes. mark for My Articles 491 similar articles
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