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Magazine articles on baseball and softball.
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Sports Central
September 5, 2004
Diane M. Grassi
Yankees' Failures Not News You don't need to be a rocket scientist to see what may be coming. But whatever the outcome this season, the team's 2004 legacy will be mostly about its failed management and ownership, not its players. mark for My Articles 560 similar articles
Sports Central
September 3, 2004
Shane McKiness
Who is Jim Thome? With the hardware to back it up, he has shown over his career that he is not just one of the top players in baseball, but also one of the best people in baseball. mark for My Articles 124 similar articles
September 1, 2004
A Baseball Odyssey The end of the Athens Games also marked the end of a peculiar six-year-long Olympic dream for former CFO and now restaurateur Bill Galatis: to play for the Greek baseball team. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
Steve Seepersaud
Top 20: Baseball Players Of All Time This season, Barry Bonds continues his assault on the Major League Baseball record books, closing in on the career home run title. He's easily one of the best players the game has ever seen. mark for My Articles 825 similar articles
Sports Central
August 31, 2004
Mark Chalifoux
Farnsworth Keeps Cool The Cubs' Kyle Farnsworth needs to keep his emotions in check for the good of his team. mark for My Articles 23 similar articles
Sports Central
August 27, 2004
Vincent Musco
Cy Johan: AL Cy Young Breakdown Minnsota Twins' pitching ace Johan Santana is stacking the stats to be the American League's Cy Young winner. But he has some uncontrollable factors against him -- such as pitching in Minnesota. mark for My Articles 186 similar articles
Sports Central
August 23, 2004
Piet Van Leer
NL MVP? It's No Contest If numbers alone dictated the National League's Most Valuable Player, there would be plenty of debate. But they don't, so there isn't. mark for My Articles 278 similar articles
Sports Central
August 18, 2004
Mike Round
Rolling the Dice in Los Angeles Dealing from a position of strength is the best time to make a trade and that's exactly what the Dodgers did in late July. mark for My Articles 67 similar articles
Sports Central
August 16, 2004
David Zirin
The MLB Strike: 25 Years in the Making Ask any sports fan their low point of the last decade and it would probably involve the 1994 baseball season, the year a player's strike/lockout ended a scintillating campaign and caused the first ever cancellation of the World Series. mark for My Articles 251 similar articles
Sports Central
August 13, 2004
Jeff Kallman
Bob Murphy, RIP: The Unhappiest Happy Recap The very first regular season words any Mets fan heard on his or her radio, in April 1962, came from his distinctive harmonic of Oklahoma drawl and Missouri honey. mark for My Articles 210 similar articles
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