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Magazine articles on cycling.
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June 15, 2004
Christopher Koch
Cycling Power By measuring how many watts he expends on a mountain climb, road racer Lance Armstrong can develop a training program that duplicates those race efforts down to the watt. mark for My Articles 82 similar articles
June 2004
Heil & Bradley
Spinning in Their Graves The Tour's new scandal: Elite cyclists are mysteriously dropping dead. mark for My Articles 105 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
March 2004
Cliff Gromer
Motorize Any Bike You can power virtually any kind of bike including recumbents, folders and mountain bikes. mark for My Articles 137 similar articles
September 2003
Brad Wieners
Spin City A rude guide to Manhattan's new island-lapping bike loop mark for My Articles 7 similar articles
August 4, 2003
John Carey
Breaking Away from Rush Hour Bike commuting is healthy -- and dirt-cheap mark for My Articles 107 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
July 23, 2003
Kelli Anderson
Tour de Force In these heady times for cycling, Lance Armstrong has company in the spotlight as U.S. rider Tyler Hamilton rides on courageously, broken bones and all. mark for My Articles 102 similar articles
July 17, 2003
Harry Marks
Top 10: International Bike Paths Thanks to the conveniences that modern day travel can provide, old-school travel via bicycle often gets overlooked. With a multitude of beautiful bike avenues crisscrossing every continent, however, there is no reason why you should not consider a vacation on two wheels. mark for My Articles 129 similar articles
Fast Company
August 2003
Christine Canabou
Mid-Life Cyclist Training for a grueling bike race, a hard-charging banker learns to shift gears. mark for My Articles 109 similar articles
June 2003
Eric Hagerman
Force Majeure That's the simplest way to define Lance Armstrong's turbulent, awe-inspiring tug-of-war between an irresistible, superior force and events that cannot be anticipated or controlled. mark for My Articles 128 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
July 25, 2002
Kelli Anderson
Several Americans are leading the way Barring unforeseen disaster in the next two days, Lance Armstrong will become the first American to win the Tour de France four times. But he is not the only Yankee making history on the Tour this year. For the first time, several teams have American leaders. mark for My Articles 124 similar articles
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