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Magazine articles on American Football.
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Sports Central
September 10, 2008
Brad Oremland
NFL Week 1 Power Rankings NFL teams are ranked on their strength after the first week of the regular season. mark for My Articles 1629 similar articles
Sports Central
September 9, 2008
Ross Lancaster
Are the Times a Changin'? This season in the NFL, the bottom still likely remains safe from newcomers, with the Rams, Raiders, and Lions all fairly hopeless. But the very top of the league looks as wide-open as it has in years. mark for My Articles 1052 similar articles
Sports Central
September 8, 2008
Kenneth Dean
Enough is Enough: Football's Unnecessary Risk How many more men have to suffer serious neck injuries in football before something more is done about it? mark for My Articles 454 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
September 5, 2008
Andrew Gaffney
10 Steps in the High-Tech Evolution of Pro Football Helmets With tackles regularly drilling NFL players at more than 150 times gravity, their heads need the best protection possible. Track the history of brain safety on the gridiron, from "head harnesses" to face masks. mark for My Articles 40 similar articles
Sports Central
September 4, 2008
Jeffrey Boswell
NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 1 (Pt. 2) Fictional quotes are used to inject humor into predictions for this week's NFL match-ups. mark for My Articles
Sports Central
September 4, 2008
Kyle Jahner
College Football Week 1 Shakedown A recap of the first week of college football games looks at upsets and rankings. mark for My Articles 622 similar articles
Sports Central
September 3, 2008
Jeffrey Boswell
NFL Weekly Predictions: Week 1 (Pt. 1) Washington Redskins vs. NY Giants... Detroit Tigers vs. Atlanta Falcons... Seattle Seahawks vs. Buffalo Bills... NY Jets vs. Miami Dolphins... Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens... Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots... mark for My Articles 1059 similar articles
Sports Central
September 2, 2008
Andrew Jones
NFL '08 Predictions: AFC South Indianapolis Colts... Jacksonville Jaguars... Houston Texans... Tennessee Titans... mark for My Articles 677 similar articles
Sports Central
September 1, 2008
Matt Thomas
2008 Fantasy Football Preview: K/Defense This third and final breakdown will give you all the information you need to select the oft-overlooked players at the kicker and defensive positions. mark for My Articles 1184 similar articles
Ryan Murphy
How To: Get Your Girlfriend To Like Football How do you mend the gender divide and convince your girlfriend to actually watch a game with you? The answer is easier than you may think. mark for My Articles 166 similar articles
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