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The free data feeds allow you to put our listings of current articles from top publishers on your web site (see the example at the bottom of this page).

The free feeds provide a limited number of the most recent articles With over 200 categories to choose from, you can select listings that closely match your users' interests. New articles are normally added to the feeds within one business day of their publisher placing them on the web, so the feeds are a good source of current information that can improve the stickiness of your site. You can add a feed to your site in just a few minutes without any programming experience, and you can set the colors and fonts to cleanly integrate the feeds with any site.

To get a feed, click here and you will be taken to a page with further instructions. We supply free feeds in JavaScript that you can easily insert into the HTML of your webpage. Below is an example of one of the feeds. You can create your own feed with a different color scheme or a different level of detail.

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