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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive Site Change / 2000-09-19

We have added a free weekly email newsletter (separate from
this one) where we review some of the best general interest
articles that have been published recently.  You can
subscribe at:

Many (but not all) of the categories now have news feeds to
bring you the most recent headlines.  If a category has a
news feed, a link to it will be listed in the "See Also" box
(above the "Current Articles" box) for the category.

We now have a list of the magazines we are indexing:

We added a page that gives a history of the changes to the

There are some new categories:
Society / Regional / Asia & Pacific / Sri Lanka
Society / Regional / Europe / Scandinavia
Sports & Recreation / Hunting & Shooting
Education & Reference / Briefs

As always, we continue to add more magazines and more
articles with new articles normally indexed within 1
business day of their publisher putting them on the net.