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Magazine articles on Linux.
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October 2, 2000
Interview with Jon Danzig An interview with Jon Danzig, the President of Libra Computer Systems, the makers of Linux by Libranet: "We believe that we can produce a first class Linux desktop system that almost anyone can install and use enjoyably"... mark for My Articles 1016 similar articles
September 27, 2000
The Mojo Nation The Mojo Nation is a peer to peer file sharing system that is designed to charge micropayments called "mojo" for each service provided and reward the provider of the service with a micropayment. The software runs on linux and Windows; this article presents an overview of the linux version... mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
September 20, 2000
Backing up to CD Noel tells us how he uses a CD-R to backup his home machine. mark for My Articles 286 similar articles
Linux Journal
October 2000
Mick Bauer & Brenno de Winter
Using Postfix for Secure SMTP Gateways Improve your site's e-mail hygiene and make life difficult for spammers and hackers. mark for My Articles 25 similar articles
Linux Journal
October 2000
Jon Valesh
Magic Enterprises Edition 8.3 for Linux Magic Enterprise 8.3 provides the back end, and Magic Tool Kit 8.3 provides the rapid development environment for e-commerce and other database-intensive applications. Between the two, you'll have everything you need for your database/web site integration. mark for My Articles 52 similar articles
Linux Journal
October 2000
Ben Crowder
Book Review LaTeX makes things easier but it's still hard for a beginner to grasp the connection between the marked-up text and the final, printed output. Enter Bernice Sacks Lipkin's LaTeX for Linux... mark for My Articles 25 similar articles
Linux Journal
October 2000
Don Marti
Good-bye Bandits, Hello Security As I write this, Linux distributions still can't legally distribute a lot of useful, interoperable security software. That will change when the RSA patent expires Sep. 20, and my friends and I are going to have a big party somewhere in the Silicon Valley area to celebrate... mark for My Articles 549 similar articles
Linux Journal
October 2000
Best of Technical Support Dependencies and Libraries... One Working Parallel Port... Booting Problem... Function Keys Not Working... Cannot Access C: Drive... mark for My Articles 254 similar articles
September 13, 2000
Sander Plomp
Amateur Fortress Building in Linux Part 2 Of course, deep down there is always some potential for catastrophic security hole - in the TCP stack, the kernel, whatever. That is inevitable. I can live with that. I just don't want it to be a biweekly event... mark for My Articles 97 similar articles
September 12, 2000
Andrew Leonard
How Big Blue fell for Linux When open-source developers and IBM took gambles on each other, free software showed it can flourish in the heartland of corporate computing. mark for My Articles 1415 similar articles
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