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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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July 24, 2001
Lynn Harris
Smart parent tricks Worried that my pink hair was keeping me marriage-free, they cunningly claimed it made me a security risk in the Basque Country... mark for My Articles
July 17, 2001
Carol Ormandy
Beware of bald women bearing gifts When I got to Detroit, I wasn't the daughter they remembered... mark for My Articles
July 10, 2001
Lauren Proctor
Center stage At 15, I was spending entire days inside my locker. Then came the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course for Business and Personal Success... mark for My Articles
July 1, 2001
Sarah Johnson
Read out of the Box Many workaholic Americans' idea of a good read is to curl up with their laptop and scroll through stories on the Web. In England, where you can rely on tradition, there is something of an underground revival of other kinds of reading. Literally in the underground... mark for My Articles
June 29, 2001
Rebecca Land Soodak
On the custody circuit My sister and I were lawless in transit, silent upon arrival... mark for My Articles
June 29, 2001
Nathaniel Missildine
IM what IM As our sagging Internet company invented euphemisms for failure, Alice and I took refuge in instant messaging. She had a boyfriend but we couldn't stop. mark for My Articles
June 28, 2001
Daniel Forbes
Closing in At the crack house where I expect to find the abused toddler, I manage to get a foot in the door, but she's nowhere to be seen. Second of two parts... mark for My Articles
June 28, 2001
Matthew Baise
My evil twin A bad seed out there shares my uncommon name. He's on the run, and his parole officers and bill collectors are calling me... mark for My Articles
June 27, 2001
Daniel Forbes
Searching for Rochelle I was the caseworker assigned to hunt for a sexually abused 2-year-old in the wilds of New York. First of two parts. mark for My Articles
June 26, 2001
Deborah Digges
Shadowing Stephen Under the cover of night, I follow my son through the streets, into the subway, across the viaduct, until we come to the place spray-painted with elegies for dead friends... mark for My Articles
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