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Magazine articles on portals and online communities and entertainment.
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June 2012
Leonard Klie
Twitter: Hearing 140 Million Voices A growing number of brands are establishing social media command centers -- war rooms from which employees track and respond to customer comments, questions, and complaints on Twitter and other sites. mark for My Articles 607 similar articles
June 2012
David Myron
Take a Healthy Approach to Social Media Social media is emerging as a viable forum for sales, marketing, and customer service professionals to connect with customers. But be careful not to treat it as "just another service channel." mark for My Articles 212 similar articles
June 2012
Paul Greenberg
Big Data, Big Deal What you don't know can hurt your business. For those of you who haven't been paying much attention, big data is the name given to the prodigious amounts of fast-moving data in social networks that typically can't be handled by existing data tools. mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
June 2012
Rachel Courtland
Virtual Currency Gets Real Will Facebook Credits and other social scrip challenge government-backed currencies? mark for My Articles 292 similar articles
Information Today
May 31, 2012
Barbara Quint
Factiva Adds Real-Time Twitter Module The real-time module works inside the Factiva Snapshot news dashboard. Snapshot, still in beta and not available on the academic version of Factiva, provides monitoring for 31 industries, plus a range of other topical areas and services. mark for My Articles 386 similar articles
May 15, 2012
Kim S. Nash
Experian Has Sophisticated Presence on Facebook Credit bureau engages chatty customers on the top social network, but says it doesn't mine the data for marketing purposes. mark for My Articles 335 similar articles
AFP eWire
May 29, 2012
Derrick Feldmann
You Get More With Facebook Than You Give -- Is Your Organization Stepping Up to the Challenge? Here are three suggested applications for non-profit organizations that use Facebook. mark for My Articles 771 similar articles
Information Today
May 21, 2012 Officially Launches With Five Ebook Campaigns is a crowdfunding site that lets book lovers pay authors and publishers to make their already-published books free to the world under a Creative Commons license. mark for My Articles 167 similar articles
May 18, 2012
Ted Murphy
The Future of Social Media Sponsorship In today's environment, a presence is not enough - engagement is needed too. mark for My Articles 59 similar articles
May 10, 2012
Kelly Liyakasa
Zoho Introduces Facebook, Twitter Support Connectivity Users can convert tweets, posts into support tickets and set escalation alerts mark for My Articles 62 similar articles
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