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Magazine articles on comedians, satire, cartoons, and bizarre stories.
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Kenneth H. Cleaver
The margarine conspiracy Our intrepid corporate correspondent gets to the bottom of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!" mystery... mark for My Articles
November 15, 2000
A second chance for the dot-com economy? The rebirth of offers new hope to ailing Internet start-ups: Bankruptcy is now the smartest way to build your brand... mark for My Articles
November 15, 2000
David Tuller
Debacle 2000: A hopeful solution A frustrated citizen proposes a simple, straightforward way out of the election madness... mark for My Articles
May 2, 2000
Steve Burgess
R. Crumb Is the bull-goose legend of underground comix the Brueghel of our time or the purveyor of an arrested juvenile vision? mark for My Articles
Fast Company
December 2000
The Spy's Annual New Year's Letter Since we can't afford to mail individual holiday cards to all of our friends in the new economy, much less send bottles of hooch to try to get you to bail us out with bags of money, we're sending out this end-of-the-year letter to toast the year we've all had... mark for My Articles
November 10, 2000
Suzy Hansen
The Darwin Awards The cult-favorite Web site spawns a book memorializing the kind of people who meet their maker at hurricane beach parties... mark for My Articles
November 8, 2000
Chris Colin
Florida: "Don't look at me!" The Sunshine State gets self-conscious as the eyes of the nation scrutinize its counting skills... mark for My Articles
November 8, 2000
"If a frog had side pockets" Election Night stretched into morning, and Dan Rather's down-home witticisms got weirder and weirder... mark for My Articles
November 8, 2000
David Tuller
Satire: Ballot schmallot! This elderly Jewish lady in Florida can punch a hole just fine, thank you.... mark for My Articles
PC World
December 2000
Stephen Manes
Full Disclosure: Web Shopping Made Practically Perfect Online retailers got you down? Shop at for everything you need! (Satire) mark for My Articles
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