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Magazine articles on dieting, the effects of diet on health, nutrition, and healthy foods.
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Sabrina Rogers
Best Breakfast Cereals Apart from the general rule that you should avoid any breakfast cereal that turns your milk a fluorescent shade, there are a few things you should know before taking one home with you. Here are some selections that will simplify your cereal shopping. mark for My Articles 499 similar articles
Science News
March 5, 2005
Janet Raloff
Beer's Well Done Benefit A new study shows that, at least in mice, beer limits the DNA damage triggered by exposure to the carcinogens that form in overcooked meat. mark for My Articles 100 similar articles
Food Engineering
March 1, 2005
Joyce Fassl
Let's keep it real In the author's opinion, the US Department of Health and Human Services' new dietary guidelines aren't easy for the average person to understand and implement. mark for My Articles 232 similar articles
Fast Company
March 2005
Lucas Conley
A Matter of Taste Senomyx Inc., a biotech outfit in La Jolla, California, is designing chemical compounds called "flavor enhancers," which it claims target taste receptors on the tongue, dramatically improving their efficiency. So less sugar (or salt) will taste just as good. mark for My Articles 139 similar articles
Scientific American
February 28, 2005
Gunjan Sinha
The Diet That Fits With the understanding that some diseases such as obesity are metabolic syndromes in which multiple biochemical pathways interact to cause complex symptoms, metabolic testing offers a way to gauge health over a lifetime. mark for My Articles 109 similar articles
Seasoned Cooking
March 2005
Michael Fick
Got the High Fructose Corn Syrup Blues? Many people do know what causes their gastrointestinal upset, and can avoid it. mark for My Articles 84 similar articles
Science News
February 19, 2005
Janet Raloff
Carcinogens in the Diet It's official. The federal government now has added agents commonly found in overcooked meat to the list of potential cancer causers. mark for My Articles 41 similar articles
Nutra Solutions
January 1, 2005
Kerry Hughes
Ingredients to Reduce Cancer Risks Approximately 35% of cancer deaths in the U.S. can be prevented by dietary means. Scientific evidence shows that properly balancing fruits, vegetables, dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and certain dietary supplements protects our health. mark for My Articles 1366 similar articles
Nutra Solutions
January 1, 2005
Riaz & Regenstein
Nutritional Supplements for Halal and Kosher Consumers Religious-based dietary laws impact ingredient options for supplement manufacturers. An explanation of basic considerations for these products can assist food manufacturers as well. mark for My Articles 23 similar articles
Nutra Solutions
January 1, 2005
Raisin the Bar Antioxidant compounds that help resist the effects of aging long have been known to exist in fruits and vegetables. Raisins have a high antioxidant capacity and other benefits. mark for My Articles 58 similar articles
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